Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day

Well, it is almost Mother's Day, which reminds me that I better send a card to my mommy. I have to admit that this is one day of the year that I dread. Yes, I am one of those people who gets really sad on Mother's Day. (I also don't really like Father's Day.)
I know it is a great day for lots of moms, and that is fine, but if I didn't have to leave my house this Sunday I would be happy.
I am not sure if I am just whimping out and feeling sorry for myself, or what it is. This will be the 4th Mother's Day since my miscarriage. So I can do without the painful reminder, I am already keeping count.
So to all mother's out there. I hope that you have a great Mother's Day, and maybe take a moment to think of how lucky you are because there are women who would love to be in your position and for whatever reason are not, and they deserve something special too. (Not just a sympathy carnation, which is what I usually get.)
I hope that I don't sound mad, I am just a little sad today. I don't want to be and I am praying that God will help me get through the rest of this week, and it is only Wednesday.
Sorry that my blog is so lame. It seems that I only do this when I am really sad or frustrated.


Tara said...

Ah my dear. I am so sorry. You are entitled to be sad/mad/frustrated. I have been reading a lot of similar things on blogs lately from women in similar situations to you. Perhaps you and Dave could do something completely non-church related this weekend... like go away for a romantic night or something.

I am still praying.
love you

the Doug said...

It's your blog. Do what you want with it. Love ya!

Teri said...

Julia - I know you don't check this often, but I found your blog via Tara. I won a contest on her site and she told me that you, like me, are a fellow infertile. I just wanted to give you a virtual (((HUG))) and tell you that I know the pain that only gets harder as time passes. I hope you'll check out my blog to know you're not alone.